We currently produce three different sorghum-based whiskies in our hand-crafted copper stills. From mixing the sorghum-syrup mash to sealing the bottle, every step of production is based in our small-batch distillery.

Our whiskies are available at many ABC liquor stores throughout North Carolina.

Crystal Moon

Distilled to perfection, our premium clear whiskey is characterized by a silky mouth feel and sweet sorghum top-note.

Proof: 100

Cocktails: Mayberrita,* Mayberry Cosmopolitan,* Crystal Strawberry Daiquiri,* or as a substitute for mixed drinks that traditionally contain tequila, vodka, or rum.

Toasted Oak

Aged in oak chips, the natural oils from the wood create a rich and classic finish that is balanced with notes of caramel and sweet sorghum.

Proof: 100

Cocktails: Sour Oak,* Mayberry Godfather,* or other classic cocktails such as an Old-Fashion and Manhattan

Toasted Vanilla

We take Toasted Oak and infuse it with high-quality imported Tahitian vanilla beans to create this complex and inviting spirit.

Proof: 90

Cocktails: Dutch Apple Pie,* Mayberry CheerShine,* or other classic cocktails such as a Mint Julep and Boulevardier

* Mayberry Spirits Signature Cocktail – for recipes click here.